Mobile Strike Android Review

The Mobile Strike   entertainment system is a bit of an outstanding redirection characterization and has transformed into an overall ponder of late. By the day’s end, wagering is a methodology PC amusement in which the aftereffect of any business, including fighting, depends on upon the decisions you make and not just specific or horrible capacities. It is basic to think carefully before making a move, given the an extensive variety of and troublesome components.

“Technique” starts from Greek and implies “the specialty of the gathering pioneer, the general” – describes what has been practiced in various zones of mankind a long time before the definition in association with the preoccupation. Of the time, the term is to get another use, broadening joins masterminding thoughts and coming up for fundamental administration. The preoccupation world handle the term and its headway have given their own specific grouping. The delight system is by and by a champion among the most conspicuous ways to deal with join players with a combination of capacities in one place – and like diverse things online they will be mobile.

Consistently a program framework beguilement may encounter trouble with the Mobile Strike move arrange Strike Mobile is a redirection that has been adequately detonated. It is a preoccupation that will really captivate lovers of framework diversions for a significant long time of fun and testing play. Different research, aptitudes and battle scenes will keep you associated with and down.

Play Hack Mobile Strike  alone or in a get-together, discover fragile reasons for your foes and prepare for war. Players can shape groups with various players – join the present assembling or make your own particular to incorporate your sidekicks. Mobile strike is in like manner particularly natural, and isolated from the gaming learning offers the opportunity to talk and partner among customers.

Mobile strike is a honest to goodness visual treatment. Same mobile size, the representations are to a great degree better than average, and you will have significant experience that has been satisfying.

Mobile strike Main qualities:

Join the a considerable number of players from around the world

Horrible formed a participation with five star players against troublesome adversaries

Wake up and change your base

Attract with revolt war machines on the battle area to assemble things and experiences

Get ready, level and give your power with unrivaled weapons

The use of present day fight vehicles, guns and key solidarity

4 levels of military summon involves 16 sorts of troops

Non-stop Legend Reviews

Non-stop Legend is an Android RPG game that pampers players because all the battles in this game run automatically, even after the player is out of the game. This game is not like the Boxers imagine because Non-stop Legend is very minimal animation. So in the game, you will see more text with information about what your Clash Royale character is doing.

At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to choose one of the three available character classes, ie fighter, magician or monk (healer). Each character class consists of two gender types: men and women. There is no difference in skill or status between male and female characters. In this review, the Kotga Crew chose the witch class. Do not forget also to give a good name for your character, yes!

Character, Setting Kick

Like the majority of mobile games, Non-stop Legend will provide a short tutorial on how to play. Kotga’s crew suggested that you pay attention to it with the tetiti, no one missed it. Because based on  Clash Royale astuce  experience after playing this game, you will be very confused if ignore the tutorial at the beginning of the game. However, if you ignore the tutorial, you can still explore this game by trying the features.

The first thing to know from Non-stop Legend as well as the advantages of this game is that your character will continue to fight against monsters, even when you get out of the game. You can see the character battle information in the Kombat menu. There is shown every activity of characters ranging from finding monsters, what kind of moves used, damage received, and the number of successful EXP in the can.


The Kombat menu has two choices, namely PK which is a fight with other players, and dungeon battle to fight monsters and bosses. In the dungeon feature, you can choose which locations you want to explore. The higher the level of dungeon, the more difficult the monsters are facing, but the better and more expensive items are. While PK is the right feature to test the development of character with him with character from other players.

In order for your adventure to remain exciting and challenging, complete the character with a variety of powerful equipment fit from weapons, hats, gloves, belts, rings, necklaces, armor, foot protector and shoes. You can get all the equipment in the dungeon. The quality of the equipment also has levels that can be known by color, such as white (most common), green, blue and purple (the rarest). You can upgrade the equipment to increase its strength or install a diamond to provide additional status.

In adventure, both in dungeon and PK, you can be helped by a soldier. You can choose the warrior in the Prajutit menu. Just like the characters, the soldier consists of three classes, namely warriors, sorcerers, and monks. You can choose one of them to accompany in battle. You can equip soldiers with tools such as weapons, armor, foot protector and belt to make it stronger. You can also train soldiers in the Train feature to make their status better. You can do the exercises many times to find a suitable status for the soldier.

Like MMORPG in general, you need money to buy goods that are called gold. You can get gold from selling items obtained from dungeons or by mining on the Mine menu. There is a time limit for mining, which is 2 hours. You can buy that time limit with a number of Diamonds. At the time of mine, you can do other activities such as battle dungeon or PK, so no need to wait.


This game does look very simple, minimal story, less animation, and variations of the background music a little. Due to this is an outdoor game, Kotga Crew assessed the text translation is not good, although still understandable. However, Non-stop Legend is a game with gameplay that will enrich your imagination. In addition, the thing that makes the Kotga Crew like to this game is the reward that is very much from the dungeon, ranging from gold to items that can strengthen the character in the battle.

Stone Age Begins Preview

As KotGa’s Crew announced on the previous coverage, Netmarble Games Indonesia will soon launch a new title that must be very familiar to gamers, the game is Stone Age Begins.

Stone Age Begins is a reincarnation mobile game from Stone Age online game that once loved by 200 million fans from all over the world. This turn-based RPG game combines the excitement of collecting and developing dinosaur characters known to all. Not only that,  NBA Live Mobile Begins also offers a strategic aspect of turn-based RPG and the flavor of the original game in a more modern way.

Released in Korea in June, the game jumped to the top of the Free and Best Selling charts on the App Store right on the day of the launch, as well as dominating the bestselling charts on both the App Store and Google Play for six days.

A popular new game in Korea in the first half of this year, Stone Age Begins is ready to challenge players from Indonesia and other Asian countries this year!
Read this too:

1. The excitement of collecting and developing the character of dinosaurs known to all!
The graphic concept offered by Stone Age Begins is a past period in the Stone Age and ancient dinosaurs. Existing characters are featured in high-quality 3D models with modern design to maintain the original IP game quality while keeping abreast of global trends. There are about 300 types of dinosaurs with their unique shapes and personalities increasingly reinforced the excitement of playing in collecting and developing different dinosaurs.

2. What distinguishes Stone Age Begins from other games?
Stone Age Begins’s Capture System allows players to capture the desired dinosaurs and develop them, unique development ratios for each dinosaur, and a variety of battle patterns. Not only that, NBA Live Mobile coins hack system will also bring nostalgia for players who have played the previous version and strengthen the uniqueness by improving relationships with the dinosaurs.

3. Funny nan funny graphics
Every dinosaur in Stone Age Begins has a very unique set of skills. Look forward to the presence of witty and adorable skill effects.

4. Content where cooperation and competition coexist
Conquest is a place where players can work with other players to hunt monsters. The arena is a place to fight against other players, while the Cave of Fraud and Tribal Content will offer an abundance of excitement to players who want to work together or compete with each other.


1. There are eight Trainers and about 300 dinosaurs in Stone Age Begins. Each Trainer has its own unique skill and the player can recruit Trainer other than Woody after fulfilling several requirements of each Trainer. The different combinations of different Trainers will vary the way each player fights.

2. In the game there are 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. By combining different pets, players can form a Dual Element pet. In addition, players can also determine the order of skills and pet positions that make players enjoy a heavy-based strategy battle.

Game Horror – Among The Sleep Get Release Date! and how about Mobile Legends?

Outlast, Dreadout, Dying Light, The Evil Within, and Daylight, the gaming industry seems to be in love with an attempt to make potential customers scream with fear with the ever-increasing neck hair. Being happy is seeing so many horror games trying to get back to the roots in the middle of a popular franchise of similar genre that is just getting “distorted”. But of all the popular franchises above, there is one series of other horror games with more unique themes which of course should not be missed. Interesting again? This game was ready to launch in the near future and get Mobile Legends hack.

True, we’re talking about Among The Sleep – a horror game that managed to attract donations via Kickstarter with fantastic numbers. So what makes this one horror game unique? Instead of acting as an adult, the main character you use is a two-year-old boy who seems to be facing his worst nightmare. Among the Sleep will also support VR – Oculus Rift technology to deliver a more subtle horror sensation. Through a new trailer, Among The Sleep finally sets an official release date and visit Mobile Legends .

Among the Sleep from the Norwegian developer – Krillbite Studio will be released on May 29, 2014 for PC. Regardless of the confirmation of the Playstation 4 version that had slid, Among the Sleep has not set a time for Sony’s latest generation console.

Renew Contracts, EA Stay Titanfall & Madden Mobile !

Titanfall, the name of this game had become a phenomenon in the game industry itself. Appearing stunningly at some major gaming events last year, the release of Titanfall can indeed be categorized as a huge success. It became the first online multiplayer game, after a long time, to be released without significant technical issues – the server went very well and no significant bugs were found to interfere with the Madden Mobile  game. The unique and fast gameplay concept also turned out to be the right formula for the owners of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, with millions of copies sold in super short time. It is very rational for EA to fight and defend the usage rights for this one franchise. And they succeeded!

This information slid from the mouth of EA itself after successful financial reports have shown a positive rise over the past few months. EA informs that they have also managed to renew the cooperation with Respawn Entertainment and retain the publishing rights for the latest Titanfall series in the future. Its own mission remains the same, distributing this franchise to as many gamers around the world as possible. Through this announcement, EA also ensures the presence of new maps and season passes to extend Madden Mobile coins hack tool  own life span.

Titanfall itself will get its first DLC – Expedition later this month for PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Hopefully the survival of EA ownership of this franchise culminate in something positive in the future.

Classic Nintendo’s Game Sold USD 100,000

a may be known as an entertainment medium that is designed to offer a fun atmosphere, but who would have thought that a video game that also can be a profitable long-term investment. With the presence of groups of collectors who collect a variety of games that had rare or have never touched the market at all, the price of a series of GTA 5 games was located in numbers that are not rational. How unreasonable? As happened in one of the auction is going on the auction site – eBay. A classic game super rare NES sold at a figure nearly USD 100,000.

Nintendo World Championships is a Nintendo cartridge that is designed to hold the amount of gaming events in the 1990s ago. This cartridge includes four games: Super Mario, Rad Racer, and Tetris that each contain a different objective and is designed for the competition. As an example? Mario will only be able to play until the players managed to get 50 coins before switching. Because of its status is not a commercial product, it is not surprising that the Nintendo World Championships cartridge into one of the most valuable NES games and continue to be hunted collectors and you can also download GTA online and visit

Although the conditions were a little “flaw” of the physical side, the cartridge belongs to a user named – Muresan managed to attract so many deals. The labels themselves are no longer attached, only the former patch with a small writing “Mario” above. Offers continued to come, with increasing prices of outstanding. Nintendo World Championship was finally sold to the original figure of about USD 99 902, or around Rp 1,218,317,073, – for the winner of which is still secret.

A classic NES game with the price of Rp 1 billion, the amount of money in the eyes of most of us, in fact sufficient to fulfill the dream of crazy though. How about you? What would you do if you suddenly find the money Rp 1 Billion in your account automatically? Is crazy enough to be used for a rare game tapes?

Project CARS Performance In-Game Engine Realistic

Strange indeed, but the ability of PC specs are much more dynamic and certainly stronger than the next-gen consoles even if it did not work to attract more developers to develop a racing simulation game for him. When the consistent support obtained Playstation and Xbox from big names like Gran Turismo and Forza, it does not have a PC simulation game that deserves to be proud of. Whereas the opportunity to enjoy the cars and tracks in the most optimal quality wide open. Fortunately, it is fairly treated by an ambitious project of Slighty Mad Studios, which can not be underestimated – Project GTA 5 hack on . The reason? Myriad screenshots of their latest release will answer the question.

No kidding, Slightly Mad Studios released more than 60 pieces of the latest screenshots for Project GTA 5. To create a racing game fans eagerly wait the more enthusiastic, the developer also confirmed that all the screenshots of this “pure” is taken from the in-game engine that is now in the development phase. They assured no editing at all, with a filter or a particular special photo mode. Visualization like this is really going to be able to get when Project CARS was released.

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Talk PS 4

A remarkable breakthrough in the delivery side of the story, this one sentence seems appropriate to describe the charm of one of the best games in the year 2013 yesterday – The Last of Us. The ambitious project born veteran developer – Naughty Dog is indeed remarkable. Integrating quality visualization qualified, challenging gameplay mechanics and story post-apocalyptic world that inspires, The Last of Us had won the “Game of the Year” from several gaming sites worldwide – including JagatPlay. Not surprisingly, many gamers are curious about the performance of what will be offered if the series is ported to Sony’s next-gen platforms – Playstation 4. Expectations began to find a bright spot and get roblox robux hack on .

Naughty Dog seems to begin to show a much softer stance after the statement that nullify a potential port PS 4’s The Last of Us last October. In a post on the official Playstation Blog, Community Strategic Naughty Dog – Eric Monacelli spread the news that they were testing the engine in The Last of Us Playstation 4 while working on their next-gen project – the latest series Uncharted which was introduced some time ago. Does this mean The Last of Us will be re-released for the Playstation 4? Monacelli itself does not provide any confirmation, in addition to a sentence full of hope – “roblox “.

Listen 13 Minutes Gameplay Newest FIFA 17

A franchise that was born yearly, not one indeed many gamers fear that Ubisoft will lose the idea to make FIFA 17 coins hack they are always fresh. The development process is of course to be run inside existing deadlines makes Ubisoft continues to rack my brain, at least ensure that each series has a different and improved features that are of course better. Back communicating Kenway blood line without having to mess around with the story of Desmond again that have already passed on the third line, introducing Ubisoft FIFA 17 . Various claims newest gameplay mechanics that have been had they dengungkan now finally are expressed in a recent gameplay trailer duration of 13 minutes.

In contrast to the setting that was carried in the third series, Ubisoft seems not kidding when they stated that the Caribbean will be the main setting to support the action of Edward Kenway as a pirate. Gameplay trailer shows the world that is more dominated by the waters, which the region was split over the islands. Interestingly, the gameplay shows transition of land and sea battles that flows with no loading time at all. You can directly menahkodai ship, chasing a target, war at sea, boarding enemy, and acted like the Assassin there. The best part? FIFA 17 also appear to contain mechanic that allows your ship to continue to grow and develop – than seek arms to recruit more massive crew.

NBA Live Mobile Ready Revealed Late July

DLC, says that this is indeed a scourge for so many gamers. The need to dig deeper into the wallet for extra content that often lead insignificant indeed be a frustrating experience. But for some games that manages to offer an incredible first impression, the DLC became the savior – a new reason to jump back into the series favorite games. This is what is happening with Irrational Games and their latest projects that keep getting compliments – NBA Live Mobile Infinite. Confirmation of the presence of three extra DLC Season Pass offered through never did arrive. The question was raised, “When?”

In contrast to the reaction of gamers to the DLC which often ended in negative connotations, most gamers NBA Live Mobile coin Infinite audience enthusiastically even anticipate the presence of three DLC planned by Irrational. Ken Levine realized that, especially after the reaction and questions gamer who “sounded” quite strong in cyberspace. Levine asks gamers to be patient because this development process takes time. Levine also assured that Irrational itself has begun to develop since NBA Live Mobile Infinite DLC released to the market. Although not yet able to share more detail now, He promised that the DLC will be available to gamers later than the end of June 2013.