Classic Nintendo’s Game Sold USD 100,000

a may be known as an entertainment medium that is designed to offer a fun atmosphere, but who would have thought that a video game that also can be a profitable long-term investment. With the presence of groups of collectors who collect a variety of games that had rare or have never touched the market at all, the price of a series of GTA 5 games was located in numbers that are not rational. How unreasonable? As happened in one of the auction is going on the auction site – eBay. A classic game super rare NES sold at a figure nearly USD 100,000.

Nintendo World Championships is a Nintendo cartridge that is designed to hold the amount of gaming events in the 1990s ago. This cartridge includes four games: Super Mario, Rad Racer, and Tetris that each contain a different objective and is designed for the competition. As an example? Mario will only be able to play until the players managed to get 50 coins before switching. Because of its status is not a commercial product, it is not surprising that the Nintendo World Championships cartridge into one of the most valuable NES games and continue to be hunted collectors and you can also download GTA online and visit

Although the conditions were a little “flaw” of the physical side, the cartridge belongs to a user named – Muresan managed to attract so many deals. The labels themselves are no longer attached, only the former patch with a small writing “Mario” above. Offers continued to come, with increasing prices of outstanding. Nintendo World Championship was finally sold to the original figure of about USD 99 902, or around Rp 1,218,317,073, – for the winner of which is still secret.

A classic NES game with the price of Rp 1 billion, the amount of money in the eyes of most of us, in fact sufficient to fulfill the dream of crazy though. How about you? What would you do if you suddenly find the money Rp 1 Billion in your account automatically? Is crazy enough to be used for a rare game tapes?

Project CARS Performance In-Game Engine Realistic

Strange indeed, but the ability of PC specs are much more dynamic and certainly stronger than the next-gen consoles even if it did not work to attract more developers to develop a racing simulation game for him. When the consistent support obtained Playstation and Xbox from big names like Gran Turismo and Forza, it does not have a PC simulation game that deserves to be proud of. Whereas the opportunity to enjoy the cars and tracks in the most optimal quality wide open. Fortunately, it is fairly treated by an ambitious project of Slighty Mad Studios, which can not be underestimated – Project GTA 5 hack on . The reason? Myriad screenshots of their latest release will answer the question.

No kidding, Slightly Mad Studios released more than 60 pieces of the latest screenshots for Project GTA 5. To create a racing game fans eagerly wait the more enthusiastic, the developer also confirmed that all the screenshots of this “pure” is taken from the in-game engine that is now in the development phase. They assured no editing at all, with a filter or a particular special photo mode. Visualization like this is really going to be able to get when Project CARS was released.

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Talk PS 4

A remarkable breakthrough in the delivery side of the story, this one sentence seems appropriate to describe the charm of one of the best games in the year 2013 yesterday – The Last of Us. The ambitious project born veteran developer – Naughty Dog is indeed remarkable. Integrating quality visualization qualified, challenging gameplay mechanics and story post-apocalyptic world that inspires, The Last of Us had won the “Game of the Year” from several gaming sites worldwide – including JagatPlay. Not surprisingly, many gamers are curious about the performance of what will be offered if the series is ported to Sony’s next-gen platforms – Playstation 4. Expectations began to find a bright spot and get roblox robux hack on .

Naughty Dog seems to begin to show a much softer stance after the statement that nullify a potential port PS 4’s The Last of Us last October. In a post on the official Playstation Blog, Community Strategic Naughty Dog – Eric Monacelli spread the news that they were testing the engine in The Last of Us Playstation 4 while working on their next-gen project – the latest series Uncharted which was introduced some time ago. Does this mean The Last of Us will be re-released for the Playstation 4? Monacelli itself does not provide any confirmation, in addition to a sentence full of hope – “roblox “.