Rumor Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PC Version Growing Stronger!

Imagine Kasumi, in her sensual ninjas, acting with a PC capable of offering the most optimal visual quality. Hold your saliva that may have started to find its path at the end of your lips and hands on the keyboard, because believe it or not, the possibility is open very wide. As we know, Team Ninja as a developer and Koei Tecmo as publisher is preparing Dead or Alive 5: Last Round for the latest generation platform – Playstation 4 and Xbox One. More qualified visualization is offered through their latest engine implementation – Soft Engine. The best news? Dream to see the action on PC increasingly open and get roblox generator .

After getting into the pre-order list of one of the giant retailer sites – Play-Asia, information about the existence of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PC version strengthened after the new information is spread in cyberspace today. Koei Tecmo or Team Ninja may still refuse to provide any comment, but “indirect confirmation” slips from the age-rated ESRB age rating site.

In the description of age rating Dead or Alive 5: Last Round that get Mature category or for adult, Roblox robux  also write PC release platform along with Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Of course, he also explains what kind of explicit content makes this game worthy of a Mature rating.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round itself is scheduled to be released on 17 February 2015 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. As we discussed earlier, Koei Tecmo has not given any confirmation about the PC version. Fingers crossed!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Releases Latest Trailers and Screenshots

After almost vacuum for almost 2 years, Nintendo continues to close the line to make the console – Wii U as one of the interesting gaming platform to have. It’s no longer able to keep up with its competitors in terms of hardware performance, the Wii U “counterattack” with a myriad of exciting games to have, not only for 2014 but for 2015. One that will make a lot of JRPG fan fans around the world cheering is of course the latest project from Monolith Soft – Xenoblade Chronicles X, Why? The strongest reason is the latest detail shared by Nintendo.

Together with the recently held Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo shares more details related to Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as showing some new gameplay aspects. Faced with a super-large world and gigantic subterranean monsters, you will be asked to hunt, collect, and complete quests to save Neo Los Angeles residents – your main city. Not only that, this trailer also shows sekelibat contents of the giant city you canget roblox hack on .

Satoru Iwata from Nintendo confirmed that they remain committed to bring this game to Wii U in 2015, as they had promised at the beginning. Unfortunately, in addition to targeting the spring 2015 release for the Japanese market, Iwata can not be sure when exactly Xenoblade Chronicles X will arrive in the Western region market. Can not wait!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Prepare 16 DLC – FREE!

DLC, this one word is a scourge for most gamers around the world. The DLC concept itself should be positive, providing longer life span for certain games through additional content injected after the riilis. But unfortunately, in its development, DLC is now more positioned as an “easy” money source for developers and publishers. It’s even more frustrating when they openly hold certain content and send an incomplete game as the final product, and not “shy” to sell the DLC content actually contained inside the disc. In the midst of such a practice, the Polish developer – Projekt Red CD comes as an example worthy of imitation. Not only do they behave inappropriately toward paid DLCs in words, they also show them in real actions.

If there is a reason why their Projekt Red and The Witcher CDs are loved, then this kind of policy becomes one of the strongest. Not just nonsense, these developers proved their anti-stance against the concept of DLC sales with insignificant content. CD Projekt Red confirms that they will distribute more than 16 separate DLC content for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the future, for FREE! All of these DLC content will be available on all release platforms, regardless of whether you pre-order or not. This DLC will mostly load cosmetic items and of course – side quests to make the Witcher 3 experience even more optimal and can check on this
As a tough thanks and criticism of the way the game industry works today, CD Projekt Red will distribute 16 DLCs to The Witcher 3 in the future for free!

In an open letter, Marcin Iwinski – co-founder of CD Projekt himself revealed the reason behind the decision to offer this free DLC. Not only to see it as something increasingly rare, he also wants to see this problem from the perspective of the gamers themselves.

“As a gamer, we have to struggle to save money, but there are always small contents after that which, surprisingly, must be earned by paying a certain amount of money. Have not we paid enough money for the game? On the Projekt Red CD, we believe that it’s not like this game industry should work. Therefore, we decided to do something different in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This is a form of our thanks to you for having chosen our game “, he explained.