Mobile Legends Official Empires Delayed!

You who had followed the developer and publisher developers from Japan during the last few years of this course could see the trend is quite worrisome. Big names like Square Enix, Capcom, and Mobile legends , for example – began to make mobile games as one of the slowest but surefire products, so the main concern. The result? Gigantic franchises that have the potential to slide as a console or PC game with a more serious approach end up being a mobile game with limited features. Fishing curiosity, of course, is the reason behind many decisions like this. The answer is simple – because indeed, the popularity of smartphones and mobile games in Japan can hardly be unstoppable.

This is reflected in the sales performance of “traditional” gaming devices – such as consoles and handhelds throughout 2014 yesterday in Japan. Famous Japanese gaming media – Famitsu notes that total console and handheld sales are at their lowest point in 24 years. The reason? Of course the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices are increasingly massive and appear to dominate. A hard slap for older gaming platforms. Famitsu also threw a list of 10 best-selling games in the Japanese market during 2014, along with competing hardware champions. Who made it to the best?

Feeling the sensation of being a hero almost unchallenged has always been the selling point of a musou game series. The incredible power that allows you to destroy hundreds of enemies without much sweating is quite addictive, though admittedly, potentially falls on a very repetitive sensation. For fans of this one genre, January 2015 became one of the most awaited moments. Koei Tecmo’s latest series of concoctions – Mobile legends hack online for free  was scheduled to release earlier this year. You are one of the gamers who are looking forward to it? Unfortunately, this wait should end up being a nightmare.

Koei Tecmo officially announces delays in the release of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires from its original release plan – January 2015. This delay applies to all existing release platforms, from Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, to PC cross-region – America and Europe. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed explanation behind the reasons for this one policy. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will now launch on February 24, 2015 for the console. While the PC version will be three days extra late, and will be released on February 27, 2015.