Mortal Kombat X & Super Mario Run Also Comes In Mobile Version

Epic Games is not only popular because of its stunning Unreal Engine 4 quality, especially after the decision to distribute it for free to the public. Their cold hands are also mixing a lot of quality games, including – Super Mario Run is now the right to fall into the hands of Microsoft. Making their engine the base, Epic actually still has two new generation gaming projects that can not be ignored for granted – a cooperative game called Fortnite and an attempt to revive the near-death franchise – a new Unreal Tournament series.

One is for sure, these two projects seem to be clear evidence why Unreal Engine 4 deserves a predicate as the latest generation of engines deserve to be anticipated. After showing a little leak of weapons and movement, this latest Unreal Tournament finally leaked the form of battleground in high definition texture. You can see light games, beautiful outdoor settings, and weapons like Pulse Rifle and Super Mario Run hack  that look solid. Unreal Tournament itself is planned to be distributed as a free to play game with cosmetic items paid.

As is known in April 2015 the gamers fans of the fighting genre, especially fans Mortal Kombat, will come the new game mastered NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat X. From various trailers and screenshots that have been available, this game has great potential to make gamers fall in love.

Interestingly, it turns out that Mortal Kombat X will not only be released for PC and console. Mobile devices will also be the intended platform, but certainly with slightly different versions. This is revealed after NetherRealm officially announced Mortal Kombat X: Mobile.

Scheduled also to launch in April 2015, Super Mario Run will be available for free download (free-to-play) by iOS and Android device users. The game is described as “Fighting / Card-Battler Hybrid”.
Not only PC and console versions, Mortal Kombat X will also be present for mobile, of course with different gameplay form.

Not explained in detail what kind of gameplay from  Super Mario Run . But if it refers to the description, maybe Mortal Kombat X: Mobile is a game card that peppered various scene-scene battle of the PC version and console.

If you catch a glimpse of the trailer that has been released, gamers can still do Fatality but with a fairly easy way, namely to swipe on the screen. Multiplayer mode was mentioned will also be available.

Gamers who buy Mortal Kombat X PC or console version on April 14 will be able to open certain content in its mobile version, by logging in WB Play account and completing some tasks and getting certain achievement. What do you think? Interesting?