Developer Killzone Central Develop New Game – Horizon?

To ensure a strong selling point, Sony certainly has a tough task to make the Playstation 4 as a new generation console that does have a selling point that is difficult to reject. Sony always has a powerful weapon to make sure it happens, through the myriad of first-party developers they are already known to have outstanding football. One of them is Guerrilla Games. His final project – Killzone: Shadow Fall has provoked quite a bit of criticism due to minimal gameplay innovation, but this game is to be recognized, performing its duties as a Playstation 4 demo performance quite well. Guerrilla is now rumored to be developing a new game project. A game called dragon ball z dokkan battle hack.

Guerilla has not opened a mouth related to this project at all, apart from a variety of rumors that had spread before the E3 2014 event ago. Horizon mentioned by “informan in” will carry the open-world RPG genre with a thick sci-fi theme. The main character is a redheaded woman, with action against giant dinosaur robots. Absent at the main event E3 2014, now the latest information related Horizon back spread in cyberspace. Claimed officially, two Horizon artworks that look amazing appear on China forum – A9VG. This artwork reflects all the descriptions that once spread, including the character of the red-haired female protagonist.

Guerilla Games itself is still refusing to comment on this one information. Dinosaur robots, arrows, open-world RPGs, and cool visualson dragon ball z dokkan battleĀ  ? Hope it turns out legit, Guerilla!

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