Game Horror – Among The Sleep Get Release Date! and how about Mobile Legends?

Outlast, Dreadout, Dying Light, The Evil Within, and Daylight, the gaming industry seems to be in love with an attempt to make potential customers scream with fear with the ever-increasing neck hair. Being happy is seeing so many horror games trying to get back to the roots in the middle of a popular franchise of similar genre that is just getting “distorted”. But of all the popular franchises above, there is one series of other horror games with more unique themes which of course should not be missed. Interesting again? This game was ready to launch in the near future and get Mobile Legends hack.

True, we’re talking about Among The Sleep – a horror game that managed to attract donations via Kickstarter with fantastic numbers. So what makes this one horror game unique? Instead of acting as an adult, the main character you use is a two-year-old boy who seems to be facing his worst nightmare. Among the Sleep will also support VR – Oculus Rift technology to deliver a more subtle horror sensation. Through a new trailer, Among The Sleep finally sets an official release date and visit Mobile Legends .

Among the Sleep from the Norwegian developer – Krillbite Studio will be released on May 29, 2014 for PC. Regardless of the confirmation of the Playstation 4 version that had slid, Among the Sleep has not set a time for Sony’s latest generation console.

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