Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Talk PS 4

A remarkable breakthrough in the delivery side of the story, this one sentence seems appropriate to describe the charm of one of the best games in the year 2013 yesterday – The Last of Us. The ambitious project born veteran developer – Naughty Dog is indeed remarkable. Integrating quality visualization qualified, challenging gameplay mechanics and story post-apocalyptic world that inspires, The Last of Us had won the “Game of the Year” from several gaming sites worldwide – including JagatPlay. Not surprisingly, many gamers are curious about the performance of what will be offered if the series is ported to Sony’s next-gen platforms – Playstation 4. Expectations began to find a bright spot and get roblox robux hack on .

Naughty Dog seems to begin to show a much softer stance after the statement that nullify a potential port PS 4’s The Last of Us last October. In a post on the official Playstation Blog, Community Strategic Naughty Dog – Eric Monacelli spread the news that they were testing the engine in The Last of Us Playstation 4 while working on their next-gen project – the latest series Uncharted which was introduced some time ago. Does this mean The Last of Us will be re-released for the Playstation 4? Monacelli itself does not provide any confirmation, in addition to a sentence full of hope – “roblox “.

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