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Non-stop Legend is an Android RPG game that pampers players because all the battles in this game run automatically, even after the player is out of the game. This game is not like the Boxers imagine because Non-stop Legend is very minimal animation. So in the game, you will see more text with information about what your Clash Royale character is doing.

At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to choose one of the three available character classes, ie fighter, magician or monk (healer). Each character class consists of two gender types: men and women. There is no difference in skill or status between male and female characters. In this review, the Kotga Crew chose the witch class. Do not forget also to give a good name for your character, yes!

Character, Setting Kick

Like the majority of mobile games, Non-stop Legend will provide a short tutorial on how to play. Kotga’s crew suggested that you pay attention to it with the tetiti, no one missed it. Because based on  Clash Royale astuce  experience after playing this game, you will be very confused if ignore the tutorial at the beginning of the game. However, if you ignore the tutorial, you can still explore this game by trying the features.

The first thing to know from Non-stop Legend as well as the advantages of this game is that your character will continue to fight against monsters, even when you get out of the game. You can see the character battle information in the Kombat menu. There is shown every activity of characters ranging from finding monsters, what kind of moves used, damage received, and the number of successful EXP in the can.


The Kombat menu has two choices, namely PK which is a fight with other players, and dungeon battle to fight monsters and bosses. In the dungeon feature, you can choose which locations you want to explore. The higher the level of dungeon, the more difficult the monsters are facing, but the better and more expensive items are. While PK is the right feature to test the development of character with him with character from other players.

In order for your adventure to remain exciting and challenging, complete the character with a variety of powerful equipment fit from weapons, hats, gloves, belts, rings, necklaces, armor, foot protector and shoes. You can get all the equipment in the dungeon. The quality of the equipment also has levels that can be known by color, such as white (most common), green, blue and purple (the rarest). You can upgrade the equipment to increase its strength or install a diamond to provide additional status.

In adventure, both in dungeon and PK, you can be helped by a soldier. You can choose the warrior in the Prajutit menu. Just like the characters, the soldier consists of three classes, namely warriors, sorcerers, and monks. You can choose one of them to accompany in battle. You can equip soldiers with tools such as weapons, armor, foot protector and belt to make it stronger. You can also train soldiers in the Train feature to make their status better. You can do the exercises many times to find a suitable status for the soldier.

Like MMORPG in general, you need money to buy goods that are called gold. You can get gold from selling items obtained from dungeons or by mining on the Mine menu. There is a time limit for mining, which is 2 hours. You can buy that time limit with a number of Diamonds. At the time of mine, you can do other activities such as battle dungeon or PK, so no need to wait.


This game does look very simple, minimal story, less animation, and variations of the background music a little. Due to this is an outdoor game, Kotga Crew assessed the text translation is not good, although still understandable. However, Non-stop Legend is a game with gameplay that will enrich your imagination. In addition, the thing that makes the Kotga Crew like to this game is the reward that is very much from the dungeon, ranging from gold to items that can strengthen the character in the battle.

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