Stone Age Begins Preview

As KotGa’s Crew announced on the previous coverage, Netmarble Games Indonesia will soon launch a new title that must be very familiar to gamers, the game is Stone Age Begins.

Stone Age Begins is a reincarnation mobile game from Stone Age online game that once loved by 200 million fans from all over the world. This turn-based RPG game combines the excitement of collecting and developing dinosaur characters known to all. Not only that,  NBA Live Mobile Begins also offers a strategic aspect of turn-based RPG and the flavor of the original game in a more modern way.

Released in Korea in June, the game jumped to the top of the Free and Best Selling charts on the App Store right on the day of the launch, as well as dominating the bestselling charts on both the App Store and Google Play for six days.

A popular new game in Korea in the first half of this year, Stone Age Begins is ready to challenge players from Indonesia and other Asian countries this year!
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1. The excitement of collecting and developing the character of dinosaurs known to all!
The graphic concept offered by Stone Age Begins is a past period in the Stone Age and ancient dinosaurs. Existing characters are featured in high-quality 3D models with modern design to maintain the original IP game quality while keeping abreast of global trends. There are about 300 types of dinosaurs with their unique shapes and personalities increasingly reinforced the excitement of playing in collecting and developing different dinosaurs.

2. What distinguishes Stone Age Begins from other games?
Stone Age Begins’s Capture System allows players to capture the desired dinosaurs and develop them, unique development ratios for each dinosaur, and a variety of battle patterns. Not only that, NBA Live Mobile coins hack system will also bring nostalgia for players who have played the previous version and strengthen the uniqueness by improving relationships with the dinosaurs.

3. Funny nan funny graphics
Every dinosaur in Stone Age Begins has a very unique set of skills. Look forward to the presence of witty and adorable skill effects.

4. Content where cooperation and competition coexist
Conquest is a place where players can work with other players to hunt monsters. The arena is a place to fight against other players, while the Cave of Fraud and Tribal Content will offer an abundance of excitement to players who want to work together or compete with each other.


1. There are eight Trainers and about 300 dinosaurs in Stone Age Begins. Each Trainer has its own unique skill and the player can recruit Trainer other than Woody after fulfilling several requirements of each Trainer. The different combinations of different Trainers will vary the way each player fights.

2. In the game there are 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. By combining different pets, players can form a Dual Element pet. In addition, players can also determine the order of skills and pet positions that make players enjoy a heavy-based strategy battle.

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