Xenoblade Chronicles X Releases Latest Trailers and Screenshots

After almost vacuum for almost 2 years, Nintendo continues to close the line to make the console – Wii U as one of the interesting gaming platform to have. It’s no longer able to keep up with its competitors in terms of hardware performance, the Wii U “counterattack” with a myriad of exciting games to have, not only for 2014 but for 2015. One that will make a lot of JRPG fan fans around the world cheering is of course the latest project from Monolith Soft – Xenoblade Chronicles X, Why? The strongest reason is the latest detail shared by Nintendo.

Together with the recently held Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo shares more details related to Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as showing some new gameplay aspects. Faced with a super-large world and gigantic subterranean monsters, you will be asked to hunt, collect, and complete quests to save Neo Los Angeles residents – your main city. Not only that, this trailer also shows sekelibat contents of the giant city you canget roblox hack on http://robloxrobuxhack.susukambing-etawa.com .

Satoru Iwata from Nintendo confirmed that they remain committed to bring this game to Wii U in 2015, as they had promised at the beginning. Unfortunately, in addition to targeting the spring 2015 release for the Japanese market, Iwata can not be sure when exactly Xenoblade Chronicles X will arrive in the Western region market. Can not wait!

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